Re-post: Nikki & Nora – Why it Matters

If you’ve known me for more than five minutes, you’ve probably been subjected to at least one Nikki & Nora related outburst from me. I’d apologise for these, if they weren’t so damned important. And now, you lucky souls, you can prepare yourselves for even more of them!

Nikki & Nora, for those who’ve known me five minutes or less, is the greatest show that never was. I suppose I don’t really know that, seeing as it never was, but it’s a claim I like to make as often as humanly possible regardless. When I explain it simply, it may not sound particularly phenomenal, but I’d like you to truly consider it.

Nikki & Nora centred around two detectives (Nikki and Nora – go figure) working in New Orleans. They kicked ass, they caught bad guys, and they just so happened to be lovers. I know, I know, cops in love; you’ve never seen that before. But just think about it. This would’ve been a regularly airing show that centred on a lesbian couple, without the main focus being that they were a lesbian couple. Now tell me that’s not a big deal.

The pilot was made, and it never aired. It wasn’t the right time, apparently. Audiences weren’t ready for it. While many choose to be simply outraged by this idea, I think I can see it. I don’t like to admit it, but there’s a good chance this concept simply was too much for your average viewer, and I have to be thankful for the fact that the show simply didn’t happen, rather than crashed and burned.

As is the beauty of the modern age, Nikki & Nora managed to gain one hell of a following anyway, not letting a simple thing like never actually airing stand in the way. The unaired pilot is on YouTube (and I’m sure many other places around these here interweb parts), there’s fanfiction, fan videos, I’ve even found a small corner of tumblr harbouring a still-passionate fandom. And thank God for that! Because the fans never forgot about Nikki & Nora, and it seems they never forgot about us either.

Now, within these emotional N&N outbursts my friends have to deal with, there’s been plenty of appreciation for our stars. Christina Cox (Nora) and Liz Vassey (Nikki), just so happen to be two of my favourite actresses even outside of this project, and both have been very vocal about their love of the show that never was. Along with Nikki & Nora creator NancyLee Myatt, the two joined forces for spoof Ladycops in 2009. And not so long ago, the announcement came that we hadn’t lost Nikki & Nora after all. They were returning – in webseries form!

The N&N Files will once again focus on Nikki and Nora, working this time as Private Detectives. Christina and Liz are back on board, and they just need one thing from us all – as much support as we can give. I’m talking both general support and, I have to say, financial. An indiegogo campaign has been started, and I’ll admit even I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how generous the fans have been, along with how many fans were still passionate enough to see that this is something worth donating to!

Both actresses have written short blogs about why this project matters to them, and I’d say now that they’re worth reading. It’s clear to see that this is more than just a job. After all this time, these are characters and stories that these women still want us to see. Stories that they want to bring to us. And as a fan, these are stories and characters I’m excited to see brought back to life.

There are benefits, other than simply getting more of Nikki and Nora, to donating, and I’ll link to the indiegogo page below to show the ways in which it’s worth it, as well as to the aforementioned blogs by Christina and Liz, a twitter that you can follow for your N&N Files updates, and a fan-run blog. My main goal, really, is to make sure that everybody sees how important this series is. The focus of Nikki & Nora was never their sexuality, importance never placed on the fact that they were gay, or even that they were together. That, in my eyes, is true representation, and that’s why this show resonated with me in the way it has.

And if that’s not enough for you, how do you feel about girls with guns?


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