An update, of sorts.

You may have noticed that I struggle a lot with blogging. I always seem to find an excuse, usually that I’m too busy, and I brush it off with “soon”. Soon never really seems to come, though, and this blog (and the countless others I’ve had over the years) sits abandoned until I eventually close the account.

I’ve made a hundred “no longer will I put off blogging” posts in my time, and this is not one of those. But it is a vow to try and make a bit more of an effort. Starting with something I’ll post tomorrow.

This isn’t going to just be theatre/reviews anymore. It’s not going to be too heavily specialised at all, actually. That’s apparently not the right way to blog but it is the way I’m going to roll with. This will be a collection of thoughts. Of reviews, yes, but also of opinions and feelings and honesty. Maybe occasionally of sharing outfits from my ootd blog (I know, I have a second blog). Talking about clothes, about queerness, about life and about myself.

A new chapter, in a way. Allowing myself to continue to be a useless mermaid, but talk about it a little more.


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